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Friday, May 19, 2006

The match, the reaction and the news....

well, I thought I'd blogged my thoughts about the match but it seems I didn't. Must be the alcoholic haze I'm suffering. last night was out again so gotta ease off Mr. Booze this weekend...

anyway, as for the match, I'm pretty sanguine about it. We were better than them for the first 20 mins. Jens deservedly got sent off and we played doggedly for the rest of the match. I continued to think we could win it all the way through, but I was always fearful of the last 20-30mins when they could send on fresh legs.
Ref did get decisions wrong but at least one of them benefited us (our goal from a free kick where Eboue dived).
So - we lost but played with real spirit and I'm proud of what we did.

Really surprised about Henry's moaning but just shows how much he cared and how exhausted he was. Yeah, he came off worst from the refs mistakes, but not like him to whine...

Mind you, the news coming out this morning is fantastic, but I'll wait till there's ink on paper before I explode with joy.

Hopefully that'll coincide with me sobering up from last night.... I'm knackered

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