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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

well, tonight's the night

As you may know or care less, I support Arsenal.
There are just sooooo many places to get more informative, exciting punditry, views and opinions on footy than me (though that won't stop me from bending your ear in a pub about it). Visit the Arseblog link on the right tomorrow for what will no doubt be good stuff. Though he'll be suffering a hangover no matter what happens.

However, I won't bang on hear about the match tonight - suffice to say I'm beginning to get excited.

It was a bit odd this morning walking into work. Very very quiet. Hardly anyone around on the canal to Angel, and the canal itself was eerily flat - first time I've seen it like that.
Made me think that the place was just holding its breath.

I didn't see any magpies, in case you were wondering...

I'm becoming random. Nerves setting in.
I'll get me coat.....

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