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Friday, June 09, 2006

and..... we're off!

world cup is now not merely upon us but completely over our feet, shins, and maybe our knees.
That's what an opening match can do.
Now, I ain't no expert but don't think that won't stop me wittering on as if I did know something about football. There'll be opinions, wild speculation and biased viewing. I'll care about the wrong things, remember things my brothers told me about what actually matters, recap what mates are saying (actually probably only one mate - I have the sort of mates who ask me out for a beer on the night of the Champions League Final. or get married on the other side of the planet on the nights of the quarter finals. yeah, go figure...). And I'll half-remember pundits' observations about players and not remember the salient points. And then remember that it was about someone else.

brilliant! Its what the World Cup is all about!!

So, Germany just thumped Costa Rica 4-2. A surprising amount of goals, especially for a world cup opener, but to be honest, every team is gonna score goals against Costa Rica and Germany.
The Germans are incredibly flat at the back, and can be turned soooooo easily whereas Cost Rica seem to think noone's gonna tackle them in their own half. I mean, just because they don't put pressure on their oponents doesn't mean that they're not allowed to try back...

so a lot of goals but not a great game for me. Flashes of quality (the goals) but not really a quality game as neither side are particularly stuffed with uber-talent (if you're expecting an umlaut - no chance).

Actually what this really is, is that I've gotta care a bit more about the teams. I need to pick some teams from a hat and give a shit. That's about the only bad point of now being a contractor - not always in a team.
and teams are important... (at this point, if you're expecting me to somehow gell together insights about work, comraderie, team spirit, football and the World Cup... sorry, I can't be arsed.)

hm, a full 30 mins till Poland Ecuador.... what can I do with the full resources of the internet, a beer and some time to kill...?

nah. me got no idea either.



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