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Saturday, May 27, 2006

another confusing day as people tell you stuff that ain't exactly true:
"That's the bus stop" (true-ish. I'd asked about buses to Flores and they point at a bus stop. It is a busstop if not actually the right one)
"Do you sell tickets?" "No" (not exactly true as I buy tickets from his colleague hours later when wandering and wondering where to buy tickets).
"It will pick you up from the hotel" (not true - I have to make a mad dash in a taxi to catch the bus about to leave from the bus station)

sigh. I guess this is what all tourists feel like when people try to be helpful... and I'm only moaning as this place is constantly pissing with rain - I need sun!!

And sun is what I get in Flores.
As the name suggests a really pretty little place. Tiny in fact. So tiny that I managed to get lost as the map gives a false sense of scale. still, as I say so small that you can't really get too lost, merely disorientated.
Flores is an islet (is that a word?? I mean a small isle at the end of a prominitory in a big lake. Its whatever one of those are.
Glad its off season as its a quiet place and would be far less relaxing with tons of people all trooping around doing the same thing (ie either catching a bus to, or getting off a bus from, Tikal).
Instead its quiet and easy to relax looking over the lake with a beer.
And hot. Not overpowering or particularly burning (which for me is a big deal being a ginga) but bright and exactly what I needed.

This is a jumping off point for Tikal, a collection of Mayan ruins that I'm really looking forward to.



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