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Sunday, December 17, 2006

retail therapy made me depressed - that's wrong, right?

well, it was me own fault for going round Columbia Rd, Brick Lanes and Spitalfields looking for xmas presents on the last sunday before xmas. What was I thinking? and a really really bad idea to do it when I was feeling down about being single. Still. Even though I've always been single. All those "beautiful people" having fun and me moping, as I'd been reminded over the weekend that I was single and that wasn't likely to change no matter how much I might want.

Didn't even manage to buy any presents. This year is gonna be my most embarrassing as I have nothing really good to give anyone. I always like having something that will make someone just burst out laughing or go "ohmygod that's brilliant!" or something.

This time it'll be a bit flatter for me as all I seem to see is tat. And I really don't want to buy "just" anything. ah well, its not about the presents... except surely it is for my neice. I mean c'mon, she's six so it must be about the presents and I've been terrifically lame this year - I have nothing good to give her at all!....




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