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Sunday, December 31, 2006

so this is blogging, and what have we done...?

[this is a copy of wot-i-just-rote on the PM blog]
Inspired by a contributer to the PM blog, I've just re-read my own blog from the beginning of the year. Interesting (if only for me) as I had little flashbacks of my time travelling.

As dear reader you'll know, in November 2005 I 'left work', sat on me bottom and travelled a bit. By the end of the first quarter of 2006 I'd made it to Spain and Guatamala (as anyone who peeked at my pics will know). Not massive travels I grant you, but still. Nice memories. And interesting to be able to access them for the first time after writing them down all those months ago!!!

Randomly clicking through the blog "Archives" on the right, I realise that my ramblings mainly concern:
a) Women (and lack thereof)
b) Not being able to speak Spanish
c) Arsenal
d) hangovers

actually d) is ironically rarer as I tend to blog at night when [ahem] drink has been taken, but before its morning awfulness has wreaked its merry way through my tummy and head. And alcohol (as any good Doctor here will attest) is not cool, or likely to help getting thoughts down coherently. I have not come to praise Beer, but to bury it....

Oddly enough (or perhaps not), as soon as I started work again, I kinda let the blogging slip.

So, after the somewhat pleasant diary-like reminders of what-i-did-on-my-holidays, I think I may start blogging again this year (don't all cheer at once). Not a "resolution", but I'm getting more into the habit of typing my thoughts (even though I'm still sooooo slow) and inspired by my posting on the PM blog.

[After poking at 2 posts from the archives, I can now also provide a short version of my blog: Seville is beautiful; if you can't speak the language you'll eat odd combinations of food; I'm rubbish with women; I worry too much about Arsenal; I get fascinated by stuff]

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  • Just popped in to say hello. I shall pop in from time to time to make sure that you are keeping up the blog.

    Oh and somewhere on the PM Blog there was someone in a womble cossie waiting for you! ;)


    By Blogger madmary, at 7:42 pm  

  • aww Mary - good to hear from you!

    and i'll try to be more than just a lurker on your blog too!

    As for the Womble costume.... I fear I am a terrible heartbreaker. How will I let her down softly..?

    By Blogger rich, at 11:02 am  

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