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Sunday, March 25, 2007

here's looking at you kid

Walking home and I'd just got off the phone from telling a friend how self concious I was that people were staring at me (I'd shaved my head that morning).
Then a very nice thing happened.

Walking up through Angel (London) I caught the eye of a very attractive girl waiting for a bus.
As I continued walking up the hill I took a sly look across to where she should be (oh as if you wouldn't) and caught her eye again - but this time she had moved around the queue to look up at me as I walked past!


and she was cute! Really!

and what did I do? Yep - I kept on walking....

somehow I really think there should be a better end to this story. Or a point. Somewhere in all that, there is a point. And an observation on how men look at women and women look at men in the street. and people staring at freaky looking shaven-headed men.

but most importantly, the effect a look from a very attractive girl can have on a man, evidenced by the fact that I'm still thnking about it hours later.



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