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Sunday, March 25, 2007

In dreams

Did you dream of me last night??

Last night was a bit weird.
Last night I had a terrible night's sleep. Awful. Tossing and turning. Partly the fault of booze and curry, partly the heat and stuffiness of my room (for boring reasons I didn't have my window open and the radiator must've been on).

anyway, I had nasty dreams where i was attacked by the cat (needle sharp claws and teeth). Almost certainly other stuff too but can't remember.

At one point I woke and found it was 4am. And I was more awake than asleep. bugger. Then a friend called me on my mobile! I didn't answer (it was 4am for christ's sake) but listened to his slightly groggy message in case he was in trouble. Nah, just a bit drunk. But weird that he'd think of me when he was drunk though. A good bloke but we haven't seen each other in months and don't regularly meet up or anything.

Anyway, instead of sleeping I tried listening to the calming music I bought recently and dozed.

I got a call from another mate later in the day asking how I was.

"Fine" says I. It turns out he'd had a nightmare last night involving me! We'd been in a club together which should have been sweaty hot and I kept complaining of being terribly cold. I then proceeded to start slamming my head on the floor. Which was embarressing for him as we were in a club. And I haven't slammed my head off anything in years! Anyway, it freaked him to the extent that he called just in case something really had happened to me (and this guy is not one of those who believes in mystic shit).
Fortunately, before he became embarrassed from talking about psychic stuff or telepathy (heaven forbid!) we started talking business.

Later still I spoke with a different friend and she had had a nightmare last night too!
Involving spiders on her bed!!

Which is almost certainly a dream about me as well!!

curry indigestion is bad enough but psychic curry wind seems to travel further still...


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