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Thursday, January 01, 2009

well, its 2009 then...

um, well, it sbeen a while since the last post blah blah blah......

So, 2009 eh? What'll it bring?
Methinks mainly revolutionary graphics from Russia, China and Cuba.

Cos of the 50th Cuban anniversary, economic crisis, 80's music nostalgia.

now, if you think that makes no sense (except the first) then its because its mainly ill-read 20-somethings who set the agenda and they'll be looking at 80's videos, seeing lots of Russia v US stuff, being told its closer economically to the 20's america or the 70's, mixing it all up and then getting confused.

Then they'll thnk of the Cold War Modern and Warhol exhibitions they saw and finally fall back on old Graphics standards of Maholy-Nagy/ Bauhaus.

anyway, providers of black and red inks will be happy.