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Sunday, November 22, 2009


The souqs (as all will tell) are a sensory overload.

Slats laid across as a roof allow strips of light in, causing a constant flicker where they exist. The sounds are constant (peddlers, mopeds, music), smells and sights.

and constant constant moving; an urge to move forward toward the next unknown. How could all this not be tiring??

So its wonderful to discover that the one moment where you hear the collective sigh of the tourist, is when the whole moving cavalcade grinds to a halt as two carts block each other.

Finally respite!

All the tourists can stand still and watch and smile as one driver starts barking at the other to get his cart the hell out of the way. Yes a chance to stop and smile at a cock up that is absoultely not your fault or due to you misunderstanding something (the 125th misunderstanding you'll have made that day).

But then the jam is solved and once again, the movement forward begins, and stuff to be bought can be avoided.

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