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Friday, February 13, 2009

a blog a month keeps the doctor.... un-rhymeable

a post a month probably not bad all things considered.

so, what am I up to....

listening to Seldom seen Kid by Elbow and liking it very very much. They get compared to Coldplay every time yet to refute this means I'll have to listen to a lot of Coldplay.

And life really is too short for that.

what else.....?

Revolutionary graphics [see post below] might make an impact in late(r) 2009 due to the Tate exhibition on Rodchenko and Popova.

Though Cuba part 1 sank without much trace. Perhaps that great conspiracy theorist Oliver Stone is conspiring to have Castro pronounced dead and raise the film's profile...?

shocking thought. The Oscars cn do that for him.

rambling now.... best to lie down for a month and blog again then....


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