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Sunday, May 25, 2008

the excitement of the non-footy footy season

yeah ok ok. I haven't posted in a while.

y'know, I just thought this internet fad would pass over. like rollerskates. or skateboards. but they're back now too so..... well, I'll just give in to it and blog random thoughts on wimmin and Arsenal.

Luckily, although the footy season has ended, the non-footy footy season of transfers and rumours begin. All that ball kicking stuff is overrated anyway. Seems "fans" want Arsenal to either be patient or splash the cash. and the press link us to every player the player's agent tells them about.

Its so exciting* and Arsenal seem to be a magnet for this stuff. If there was a trophy for Wiki-rumours we'd have silverware guaranteed every year.

Luckily this heartened me - apparently were signing "everyone".

Yes, everyone.

that's a helluva squad I know- true depth - but hopefully (hopefully) "everyone" includes a centre back of real quality.

fingers crossed

* I mean boring



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