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Monday, December 31, 2007

Its (kind've) a new post

Well, I thought I'd post something as its New Year's Eve, new intentions and all that.

and before I begin I have to admit that this is essentially an email I sent a friend. Why admit that? Well, he's a fourth of the audience of this blog so....

Apparently pundits used Google Trends the last time there was a US Presidential election to predict who would win. They predicted the winner would have higher search ratings.

kinda iffy if you ask me, but that hasn't stopped me from putting in the Democrat front runners and spinning the handle...

and getting these results

John Edwards has these odd spikes, but Hilary's way out of it - maybe people have an opinion of her and don't need to search online for info...? and that would not be a good sign for her chances.

As for the Republicans....

which made me wonder about Ron Paul....

but no, he's not riding on RuPaul in any way.



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