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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Now this feels a little weird but its completely normal. Or as normal as all this "web2.0" malarkey is.

A good friend of mine's partner "Facebook poked" me which is a tad weird but then again it led to a wonderful exchange about music. Well, I thought it was wonderful.

She said she wanted to listen to old vinyl with my friend which is perfect and I lamely replied:
"Am currently doing the digital version of "listening to old vinyl" - ie going through the arse end of iTunes and putting names to "Track 01 Track 01 Track 02 Track 02...".
Heard some lovely old pleasures like Mr Bojangles by Sammy Davis Junior, Radiohead as sung by Sinatra and the Langley School Project...."

this scraping of one's collection is always good

Now I'm listening to the abum he lent me "The land where the Blues began" which is just sooooo good.

I need to live in a soundproofed room so I can play harp without worrying about it!


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