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Sunday, June 03, 2007

a typical london sunday

that was nice. spent an afternoon in Regent's Park with me bruvver.

It was an odd tree-hugging event, espousing all things 'sustainable' and 'good'. lots of signing of petitions and reading of flyers to demonstrations and talks. Obviously not by us, we had a female friend to do all that.

Also lots of homeopathic medicines, yoga, "chi", natural remedies, biodegradable bags and starch forks etc etc ad nauseum.

Wanted to set up a Snake-oil stall and see if anyone wanted to buy. Rueful look from bro told me to whisht.

All in all a nice chat and bit of frisbee with too much sun - all in all a good afternoon.

Thank god there wasn't any poetry reciting from the slightly over-enthusiastic compere on stage to spoil it.

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