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Monday, May 07, 2007

and a season ebbs on...

So, took my regular jog yesterday - 40 mins about once a month. Does me no real good but hopefully no harm. Then sunk 7 pints watching Arsenal be bitty. Maybe I've developed some kind of karmic keep-fit - jog and drink.

The game was dissapointing as we should have (finally) beaten Chelsea - it seems so long since we have. They were first to the ball especially for the first 30 mins, broke up our lackadaisacal passing but were no real threat in front of goal. Still, they were more of a threat than we were.
Baptista was ineffective again. He couldn't strike a fucking match. ah well, no doubt he'll go on to another club and score 50 and good luck to him.

Stood their watching it in a pub surrounded by women of a certain tan. "Mahogany moms" or something.

Maybe the sunbeds of Norf London have a "Goa" setting...

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