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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

so, the end of an era

or maybe longer?

I've lived in my current house for 11 - nearly 12 - years now. What's also unusual is that I've rented a room in this shared house for all that time.

Yes yes, 'wasted' the money etc etc but actually I'm probably cash neutral taking into account the low rent, zero spending on roof repairs and gas men etc etc and living within walking distance of work and town.

But now the landlord has been forced to sell. He was very apologetic but it had to happen at some time. I was contemplating moving out and buying at some stage this year but I'd done sod all about that plan up to now so maybe I needed this 'push'.
Still, its not really sinking in yet. And it had better sink in soon cos I have to be out by August 1st.

the end of an era...


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