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Monday, May 28, 2007

sooooooo last century

so once again i attempt to get down wid da kidz and lissen to sum cuttin' choons.

or something.

Today I bought Isaac Hayes' Chocolate Chip and Michael Jackson's Off the Wall and Thriller.

OK OK you're thinking that this is no way for a mid-thirties Oirishman to discover his 'soul'. That's unfair! I have soul. I have a heart! True, even my heartbeat can't keep a steady rhythm, but....


Now I'm listening to "My heart is in the Highlands" as set by Arvo Part.
ahhhhhhh..... !

Next week read again how someone who really should buy the new Artic Monkey's album gets waylaid and buys somethng from another century. again.



  • Hi Whisht, I was just wondering hpw you are. You had a strapline yesterday...hope you saw it. Miss you on the PM Blog. Best wishes, Gillian

    By Anonymous Gillian, at 10:30 pm  

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