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Sunday, September 16, 2007

not waving but... waving

So, not last Friday, but the one before (yes its been a while since I last posted, thankyou Miles). I was walking up Finsbury Sq. and looking probably a bit miserable (mainly tired after a long week but also not about to get back to the embrace of a beautiful woman. or an ugly one for that matter).

Anyway, as I'm walking along minding me own business, I pass a minicab where a passenger in the back leans over his partner and waves happily-albeit furiously - at me. His partner seems not to know what the hell's going on and I didn't recognise her A smile spreads across my gob and they're gone.

Who was that mystery man of mirth?

was it you?
probly not, but it kinda cheered me up so ta.



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