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Sunday, November 22, 2009

and the answer to the second question is...?

so, it quickly turns out that the first question kids will ask is "where are you from? England? Germany? French?"

and on learning England the second question is:

"what team?? Manchester? Chelsea?"

Now, its fairly obvious from the shirts many wear, but even so, every kid here supports Barcelona (even those wearing fake Real Madrid shirts).

On hearing the words "Arsenal" it kinda takes them back for a nanosecond and then they say "oohh, they're a good team. They play well; like Barcelona".

Footy's the new common language - a shared experience regardless of our background. On them saying the words "Adebayor" or "Chelsea" and me mock-crying "aarrggh" and clutching my heart in pain, there are understood laughs and connections.

nice feeling.

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