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Monday, May 28, 2007

sooooooo last century

so once again i attempt to get down wid da kidz and lissen to sum cuttin' choons.

or something.

Today I bought Isaac Hayes' Chocolate Chip and Michael Jackson's Off the Wall and Thriller.

OK OK you're thinking that this is no way for a mid-thirties Oirishman to discover his 'soul'. That's unfair! I have soul. I have a heart! True, even my heartbeat can't keep a steady rhythm, but....


Now I'm listening to "My heart is in the Highlands" as set by Arvo Part.
ahhhhhhh..... !

Next week read again how someone who really should buy the new Artic Monkey's album gets waylaid and buys somethng from another century. again.


Monday, May 21, 2007

this blog was the answer to a profound statement

so, as i mentioned once before, I put this stat counter on the blog to see if anyone had looked at it without leaving a comment (as if... ahem).

Below is a list of things people typed into Google and followed to get to this blog.

Now, to the untrained eye these might all look odd, but I'm curious about the woman (presumably) who was looking for.... well, something on 05/05/07


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

so, the end of an era

or maybe longer?

I've lived in my current house for 11 - nearly 12 - years now. What's also unusual is that I've rented a room in this shared house for all that time.

Yes yes, 'wasted' the money etc etc but actually I'm probably cash neutral taking into account the low rent, zero spending on roof repairs and gas men etc etc and living within walking distance of work and town.

But now the landlord has been forced to sell. He was very apologetic but it had to happen at some time. I was contemplating moving out and buying at some stage this year but I'd done sod all about that plan up to now so maybe I needed this 'push'.
Still, its not really sinking in yet. And it had better sink in soon cos I have to be out by August 1st.

the end of an era...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

who what where whu?


just back from stag weekend in Madrid. Obviously there'll be no stories of any of the events.
"What happens on stag, stays on stag."

however, just had this txt exchange with one of the other members of the group:

"the canadians want to meet up with you! send a text to +35386XXXXXXX"

I reply:
"Erm... what canadians? I'm in the UK now"

"Nevermind! It was the ones we met in the bar on Friday."

I have absolutely no memory of meeting anyone at all. I can't even remember Friday or where we were.



more lack of memories and recollections to follow no doubt.....

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Monday, May 07, 2007

and a season ebbs on...

So, took my regular jog yesterday - 40 mins about once a month. Does me no real good but hopefully no harm. Then sunk 7 pints watching Arsenal be bitty. Maybe I've developed some kind of karmic keep-fit - jog and drink.

The game was dissapointing as we should have (finally) beaten Chelsea - it seems so long since we have. They were first to the ball especially for the first 30 mins, broke up our lackadaisacal passing but were no real threat in front of goal. Still, they were more of a threat than we were.
Baptista was ineffective again. He couldn't strike a fucking match. ah well, no doubt he'll go on to another club and score 50 and good luck to him.

Stood their watching it in a pub surrounded by women of a certain tan. "Mahogany moms" or something.

Maybe the sunbeds of Norf London have a "Goa" setting...

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