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Sunday, November 22, 2009

a new drink...

Mint tea is a lovely idea.

A pot for guests to be welcomed with. Hot sweet mint tea, with its own traditions and moment of slowing down.

Of course, there are two types of mint tea.

Either a small silver tea pot, with dried mint leaves and with a touristy embroidered cover over the handle and glass. Is this the 'real' mint tea?

Or is it the larger glass stuffed with fresh mint leaves, plucked straight from... somewhere, jammed into the glass, with boiling water poured directly over the top?
and both with a side dish of sugar lumps.

My belief is the pot wins. Here the tea is usually sweetened even without the side dish of sugar and (much more importantly) the water stays hot longer, meaning you can pour small glasses and sip and take your time.

The larger glass of leaves goes cold quickly and cold mint tea is... awful. Its a drink to ensure you don't stay long. That is the more touristy drink methinks...

Its also the one I've dubbed a "hot virgin mojito" but that doesn't make it taste any better when it does go cold...

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