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Monday, February 12, 2007

The romance of the FA Cup...

Bolton v Arsenal. Wednesday 14th Feb

hmmm.... probably more like the Valentine's Day Massacre....

c'mon Arsenal, cheer me up. I'm still sad from Sunday when France beat Ireland in the rugby. Even our squeak against Wigan didn't lighten my mood (it would've been difficult to do with the fug of alcohol).

I couldn't bear to watch or listen to the footy when i turned it on after the rugby had finished to hear that we were one-nil down.

So I resorted to coping by watching Time Team on Channel Four. Weird effect. Didn't sober me or make me happier or even make me sadder. Just kinda emotion-neutral... it was like my mood was on pause and i was just treading water...

I wonder if that's the TV equivalent of opium?

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

tense.... or a Marquee?

I've always been dubious of online "communities" (ok ok I've worked on pitches and products for these over for the last few years so maybe I'm jaded).

However, I actually contributed to and - heck - felt a part of one (the PM blog) since it began last year (comment 64 on the First Day which should've put me in mind of the Beatles, now i think of it)

Anyway, the technology or management behind the site has basically fallen apart. Which has left the regulars a bit floundered (especially as its referred to as a pond...)

Its a shame as it almost reached the point of a maturing community where the "old guard" was going through changes (contributor power) and new members. But this was still a few months away. Instead all this has potentially been lost and the thing has ground to a halt with new posters (as well as those who know that the site is going through a shit spell) been unable to post.

A real shame and a opportunity possibly lost. Certainly a lot of 'regulars' have given up and will wait to see what happens.

Me? well.... I love to talk and listen and the people there are great but I can't be arsed with the delays, non-delivered posts etc etc.

The thing about the web and 'real' venues is that there are other places to meet, but its the venue itself that is the defining point here...

I hope this won't be like the Marquee club where people say "oh yeah, I was there on Day One... yeah I see the groupies at other clubs and such but obviously it isn't the same..."

oh - I already have...

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